Protect your sprinkler system’s pipes and valves from the cold by scheduling winterizing services today

What is Winterization?

When winter temperatures drop, the water left in your irrigation system can freeze. Why does this matter? Frozen water can cause your pipes to crack, or even burst!

Fixing a cracked sprinkler line can be a major project and can be easily avoided through the winterizaton process. This process involves blowing the water out of the sprinkler lines and backflow to prevent the possibility of water freezing inside.

Winterization is a quick and relatively inexpensive service to hire from Irrigation & Lighting Specialists.

The entire process can be done in one short sitting and costs just $85. 

Considering winterization can save you from needing to complete more costly repairs in the future, it is well worth the investment every winter. 2021 Winterization services for your irrigation system are available starting in November through December 24th. All winterization services will be complete by Christmas day for the 2021 season.

Fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment to winterize your irrigation system this winter season!

What Do I Do When Winter is Over?

Come springtime, spring startup and system checks are performed. This service starts in late February and continues through April. One hour of service is included in the start–up. Additional service time and materials may apply to large systems or systems needing parts replacements. If you would like more information regarding your specific irrigation system setup, please contact us to speak with an expert.

Irrigation & Lighting Specialist has a reputation for doing the best irrigation service and repair work in the business. We pay attention to the small details, and take great pride in every system we install, service and repair. Our goal is to have your system running at peak levels of performance, conservation, and efficiency!

Payment Options


Send $85 to [email protected]

Mailed Check:

Make Check out to John Minor
Mail to:
168 Highway 274 PMB 211
Lake Wylie, SC 29710

Pay on-site at time of service