Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2022

Homeowners often look into landscape lighting to improve the curb appeal of their properties. However, these lights offer many other benefits. For example, they improve the safety of the property.

Any homeowner looking to install landscape lighting in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas should consider current trends. While some trends focus on the visual appeal of the property, other trends reduce a person’s carbon footprint or deter intruders. The following outdoor lighting trends are popular in 2022 as we’ve seen at Charlotte Lighting and Hardscape.


Recreate the moonlight when illuminating a landscape with the help of downlighting. This cool, soft light creates a magical and mysterious atmosphere wherever a property owner uses this technique.  Downlighting is nothing more than the use of lights pointed down rather than up. 

Lights placed above an object create the illusion of natural light, particularly when the fixture remains hidden in a tree or underneath another hardscaping element. Viewers see the glow of the light but not the light itself. Use downlighting to highlight flower beds, visually appealing ground cover, and shorter bushes after the sun goes down. 

In addition, these lights work well under benches and seating walls. They illuminate walkways without being intrusive. People feel safe exploring the landscape when these lights are in place. Consider adding downlighting to steps to prevent trips and falls. 

When placing these lights, consider the area they will illuminate. The higher the light fixture, the larger the area that will be lit. Explore different heights to find the right location for each fixture. 

Another option involves placing the fixture in a tree and angling the light down. This mimics the natural moonlight. As the branches and leaves move, they create moving shadows on the illuminated area. Landscape lighting providers often refer to this technique as moonlighting. 

Colored Lights

Why go with white lights when there are many colored landscape lights available today? Colored lights provide any home with a modern and unique feel. Incorporate these lights into the overall architectural lighting scheme or add colored lights to trees in the yard. 

Many lights of this type come with the option of changing the color of the lights. In fact, the owner can often change the lighting with an app on their phone. Change them to orange and purple for Halloween or red and green for Christmas. The homeowner can also alter them to support a favorite team or on various other occasions. 

Use colored landscape lights to illuminate an area and highlight special features in the yard. In addition, they help to deter unwanted visitors, as an intruder doesn’t want to be illuminated, regardless of what color the lights are. The lights make the property more secure. However, they do more than this. 

Green or bluish-green lights bring out the color of green elements in the landscape. Red and orange lights provide a fire-like ambiance when viewed from a distance. However, consider other options and work with landscape lighting providers to find the right colors for any landscape. 

Well Lights

Individuals with modern homes often turn to well lights to illuminate their landscape. The light fixtures remain buried in the ground, where they emit an elegant glow. They are bright and convenient and come with many other benefits.

Many homeowners who have children choose this lighting option because their children are less likely to be injured by the lights. They won’t trip over them when playing in the yard. In addition, the fixtures are difficult to break, as they remain hidden under the ground. 

The homeowner can place these lights anywhere they desire. They come in open-face and grated styles, and manufacturers design some fixtures for underwater use. Choose those finishes that complement the home’s decor. Options today include antique bronze, jet black, and stainless steel. 

When homeowners see how versatile these lights are, they find several other uses for them. Many people choose to illuminate their flower beds and shrubs with the help of well lights. These lights are ideal for path lighting, and many people use them to line a driveway. Some fixtures are durable enough that a car can be driven over them safely. They ensure the home’s occupants and their guests can easily see where they are going on foot or by car. 

Motion-Sensing Lights

While a homeowner may wish to illuminate their property to deter intruders, they may also worry about their carbon footprint. To reduce their energy usage while still protecting their property, many homeowners today opt for motion-sensing lights. These lights only activate when they sense motion in a specified area. 

Countless homeowners choose to use them with security cameras to deter criminals. A motion-sensing light ensures the camera clearly captures the intruder’s image. This image is of great help to law enforcement officers looking to catch the individual. 

Many of these lights are extremely bright, but a homeowner can choose the brightness level they desire. When choosing these lights, consider LED versions. The bulbs don’t need to be changed very often, which is important if the lights sit high on a multi-story home. 

In addition, compare the different power sources. Some lights are battery-operated, certain styles are hard-wired into the home, and some models run off solar power. Each style has its benefits and drawbacks that need to be considered during the purchasing process. 

Finally, don’t overlook the detection angle of motion-sensing lights. Many homeowners choose a detection angle of 180 degrees or greater. Research different options to find those most appropriate for the areas to be covered. 

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights decorate any landscape. Use them to dress up the bare branches of trees during the winter months or make a garden look better by adding these lights to a fence. A person can also decorate an outdoor plant with the help of these lights. 

For those nights when it is too warm for an outdoor fire, place some fairy lights in a firepit and turn them on. This gives the illusion of a fire without the accompanying heat. A person can also use this option when it is cold outside if parents are worried a conventional fire will burn their children. 

Decorate an entryway with fairy lights and give the home a festive feel. Many homeowners like this option, as they can decorate the home without going overboard. Another way to incorporate fairy lights into an outdoor lighting scheme and highlight a feature of the yard is to use fairy lights on a treehouse. The kids will love this touch, as will everyone who sees the decorated hideaway. 

Regardless of where a person uses the lights, they add a magical feel to the landscape. Homeowners find they can choose white fairy lights or colored versions. In fact, they may want to switch them throughout the year. 

Work with a Charlotte Lighting and Hardscape, a local lighting professional, to find the right lighting scheme for any property. Our team assists clients with landscape lighting design and installation. 

We have been helping homeowners in the area for over 30 years and understand a well-designed lighting scheme won’t be of benefit unless the fixture installation is handled properly. We ensure it is installed properly by using high-quality materials and adhering to the highest installation standards. As a result, our homeowners see a good return on investment, both when they live in the home and when they choose to sell. 

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