Charlotte Lighting & Hardscapes has a reputation for doing the best irrigation service and repair work in the business. We pay attention to the small details, and take great pride in every system we install, service and repair. Our goal is to have your system running at peak levels of performance, conservation and efficiency!

General Repairs

Whenever you develop a service need for your irrigation or outdoor lighting system, you can contact us and we will dispatch a service technician to resolve the problem for you in a timely and professional manner. In addition to maintenance and repair services, we offer a winterization service for your irrigation system, which takes place in November and December.

This is a process where we blow the water out of the lines and backflow to prevent cracking and bursting when temperatures drop below freezing. The spring startup and system checks are performed in late February through April. One hour of service is included in the start–up. Additional service time and materials may apply to large systems or systems needing parts replacements.

Assessment of Your Existing System

Many customers have irrigation systems that have substantial problems related to poor design and installation quality, poor maintenance, outdated systems, new landscaping, new construction or a combination of these factors. This leads to poor system performance and excess water usage.

We will send a service technician to assess your system and give you a written estimate, detailing what needs to be done to correct the problem; as well as additional water or energy saving improvements that may interest you.

Refurbishments and Renovations

When you contract with us to proceed with your assessment or estimate, we will send our service crew to perform the job, which can sometimes include the following tasks:

  • Replace and move sprinkler heads for better performance
  • Replace shrub heads with drip irrigation to save water
  • Add new heads and zones and rework existing zones for proper coverage, sometimes to accommodate new landscaping, construction or simply to expand the system
  • Upgrade controller to smart control
  • Upgrade heads to PRS
  • Upgrade your current accent lighting to energy saving LED lighting

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